Focus On Fruits



On December 1, Pam Wendell from the Howard County Extension Service visited and shared a "Focus On Fruits" nutrition program with us.  We learned about different fruits and how each one was helpful for our bodies.  We played a game called 12 Days of Fitness.  It was lots of fun and we got to do all kinds of exercises.






12 Days of Fitness



               1-Stork Stand                                                                                       2-Scissors




                  3-Muscle Poses                                                                               4-Jabs & Punches



                  5-Hula Hoops                                                                               6-Jumping Ropes




                  7-Jabs & Punches                                                                          8-Jogs In Place




                 9-Touch Your Toes                                                                             10-Knee Lifts




              11-Raise The Roofs                                                                          12-Jumping Jacks


After all the fun and exercising, we were ready for a snack.  We sampled juicy grapefruits, tangerines and kiwis!